When we first arrive in recovery we are questioning many things. We are questioning if we’re making the right decision. We are questioning if this will work for me? We are questioning if we should follow through with the path we decided to try. One of the most exciting things I have ever read is on page 98 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It reads “Burn it into the consciousness of every man that he can get well regardless of anyone. The only condition is that he trust in God and clean house.”
Being an Exceptional Being is not about being better than others, but rather being the best possible version of others.

Depression in Recovery

For most of us, recovery brings more positive than negative aspects. As we walk the journey, things begin to improve and as we continue, they begin to stockpile and affect other aspects automatically. Every now and then certain things, although low in number, can produce a slowing…

This podcast is centered around co-dependency and how addiction is a family disease. Regardless of whether or not the addict seeks help and finds recovery the SO and other family members must. Suzy shares her story of this battle to victory.

Today we are having a conversation with Corey W of 217 Recovery. Corey is a great advocate of recovery and wellness. Corey has dedicated his time in recovery to help others find what he has found. In sharing his story of hope and wellness he has encouraged others to seek a better way of living. Corey serves his community in various areas and is continuing to look for more opportunities. Please follow Corey and share his content with others.

You can reach Corey and his mission by going to www.217recovery.com.

Responsible is a word that only responsible people want to accept. I know that sounds simplistic in its presentation, and it is meant to be. Those who are irresponsible have made an active choice to not accept what their role is in the things that occur to them. More specifically, in addiction, the individual who is addicted is the person responsible for their addiction. Until I am willing to realize I am my own worst enemy I will not recover. If I do have a period of sobriety, more often than not, it will be shallow and short lived. That has been my experience. You can disagree if you like but that would likely mean you are not being responsible.

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Topics regarding Recovery and points of discussion are endless. If we pay attention, we can find them anywhere. I was watching the Masters this last weekend and I heard a commercial regarding the universe and a particular perspective. Lack of power was our dilemma. Outer space is so vast that we don’t know where it starts or where it ends. The same is true in recovery. We might be able to come close to where our addiction began. We might be able to discern the varying degrees of nature versus nurture, but pinpoint where it begins is near impossible. The same is true with our recovery. Unless we relapse, we do not know where it ends. Therefore, it is so important to remember that Recovery is a journey, not a destination. I am so grateful for both truths.

Robert The Recovery Guy

Hello, my name is Robert Pardon. I’ve been sober since April 25, 1986. I hope to help as many people in recovery as I can while I can.

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